Wealth Management

Objective, Holistic Advice

Collaborative Approach

  • We make financial decisions with you, not for you
  • We help you define your core financial beliefs 
  • We develop options and design strategies that allow you to reach goals consistent with your core beliefs 

Unparalleled Service Standards

  • Active, daily involvement by firm Principals
  • Personal accountability, strict confidentiality in all aspects  
  • Communication flexibility / customized reporting

Our Strategy – there is no “one size fits all” strategy

  • Financial matters are deeply personal and advice should reflect that uniqueness
  • Unbiased, non-product based approach

Adavantages vs Traditional Service Providers

  • Customized Approach (not "fill-in-the-blank" templates)
  • Comprehensive Range of Services (not limited to specific vendors)
  • Entrepreneur/Family specific expertise (not a broad, generic approach)

Thome Financial's unique approach

Creative. Objective. Confidential.   

These three words, located on the firm logo, articulate the firm’s philosophy.   We believe a creative flow of ideas helps in enabling our clients quantify and reach their financial goals.  

Working collaboratively, we explore solutions to multi-faceted situations without preconceived ideas.  In short, each personal relationship is unique; the course should be as well.

We will always respect the confidentiality of your financial matters and make every effort to safeguard personal information.